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    Cycling the Presidio of San Francisco National Park

    The Presidio of San Francisco National Park lies at the southern base of the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. It is one of the best urban cycling spots in the United States. This longtime military installation has been transformed into a National Park that is rich in history, culture, and the arts. The restoration of natural areas once buried under concrete and debris have been restored, turning what was once a military waste dump into a thriving coastal habitat for wildlife that has not existed in the Presidio for over a century. There is no better way to experience all that Presidio has to offer then by bike.

    Ariel View Presidio of San Francisco National Park
    Ariel View Presidio of San Francisco National Park

    Presidio of San Francisco National Park
    Golden Gate National Parks
    Building 201, Fort Mason
    San Francisco,CA 94123-0022

    Bicycles are permitted along all Public roadways that are open to vehicles,(paved and unpaved). All other trails in the Presidio are off limits to cyclists unless they are specifically designated as a bike trail.

    Click Here! for a bike map of the Presidio (PDF)

    Bike Rentals:

    The Sports Basement (located in the Park on Old Mason Road near Crissy Field)

    Recommended Bike Rides:

    Bay Area Ridge Trail | Golden Gate Promenade | Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail | Lincoln Blvd. | Mountain Lake Trail | Park Trail | Presidio Promenade

    Recommended Hikes (No Bikes Allowed):

    | Batteries to Bluffs Trail | California Coastal Trail | Ecology Trail | Lobos Creek Valley Trail | Lovers Lane | Tennessee Hollow Trail |

    The Presidio is a One-of-a-kind National Park

    History of the Presidio
    Video created by The Walt Disney Family Museum

    The Walt Disney Family Museum
    104 Montgomery St
    The Presidio San Francisco, CA 94129
    (415) 345-6800

    The Walt Disney Family Museum Presidio of San Francisco National Park

    The Walt Disney Family Museum is located in the Presidio's Building #104 Historic Former Barracks

    The Walt Disney History Museum is a wonderful museum dedicated to the life and times of Walt and his family, business associates, friends, etc. The family has put on display many objects and artifacts from his lifetime, beginning at birth until his death. As you wander though the museum, each room is a different period of time in his life. There are photo and video exhibits, many of which he narrates, all about his family, his growing up, military service, how he got into animation, business pursuits. How the studios he owned came to be, successes and failures.  There are beautiful exhibits on how the animated movies were made, the equipment he and his studio invented for the movies. An exhibit of how Mickey Mouse was created, along with a display of antique Mickey Mouse characters.  There is a history of all the early movies along with how the characters and movie were created. Each with original models of the characters.  A walkway through his television shows with old TV sets showing the old shows.  A model of Disneyland and the hows and whys of it's creation, same for other Disney parks.  It is a fascinating view into the life and times of Walt Disney.

    Article from Trip Advisor

    The Presidio of San Francisco;  (originally, El Presidio Real de San Francisco or Royal Presidio of San Francisco) was established as a frontier fort by the Spanish in 1776. It flew the Spanish flag until 1921 when Mexico gained independence from Spain. For the next 24 years the Presidio flew the Mexican flag. In 1846, the U.S. Army seized the Presidio during the Mexican American War. From that time on the Presidio was a US army base until it was decommissioned in 1997 and became a national park. The Presidio of San Francisco represents one of the finest collections of military architecture in the country.

    Preserved within the 1,480 acres of parkland are 790 buildings, a research facility, a golf course, and a national cemetery. Of the 790 buildings on site (representing over 6.2 million ft2), 473 have landmark status.

    The Presidio’s transformation from military post to national park began in 1972 when Congress created the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), a network of historic sites and preserved open space that today links 75,500 acres along the Northern California coast.

    Because of the Presidio’s city-like infrastructure, its nearly 800 buildings, and its expansive cultivated forest and natural areas, funding the Presidio’s operation and long-term care is much more costly than traditional parks. In 1996, Congress devised a management and funding model unique among national parks. The Presidio Trust was founded. The purpose of the Trust was to preserve the Presidio’s natural, scenic, cultural, and recreational resources. In a first-of-its-kind structure, Congress mandated that the Presidio Trust make the Presidio financially self-sufficient by 2013; a goal that the Trust achieved eight years early.

    The Presidio Trust manages the interior 80 percent of Presidio lands including most buildings and infrastructure. The National Park Service manages coastal areas.

    The park is open to the public 24 hours per day and admission is free. There is no better way to experience the Presidio's rich history, culture, the arts, natural areas and designed landscapes then by bike.

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