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The first thing you need to do is find a good local bike shop. If you already have a bike that you haven't ridden for awhile, take the bike in and have it cleaned, and tuned up. They can check the bike to make sure that everything is in good working condition, as well as adjust the bike for a more comfortable ride. A basic tune-up usually costs $30-50. To locate a bike shop or specialty retailer select a city from the menu to the right.


Do yourself a favor. Before you buy any bike, find a professional bike fit expert. Have your body measured, so that you can find a bike that matches your body's unique size and proportions. Riding a bike that fits well, will provide you with greater comfort, more efficient riding, and help prevent unnecessary pain and injuries. For a list of Bike Fit Experts in California click here!


The type of saddle you ride on, and saddle adjustment play a hugh role in how comfortable you will be when cycling. Seat height, and the tilt of your saddle, have a significant impact on how efficient you ride. To get the most efficient, most comfortable ride, you need to select right type of saddle for the type of cycling that you will be doing. Once selected, the stem height and saddle need to be properly adjusted to fit your cycling position on the bike.


All cyclists should wear a helmet to prevent death or serious head injury while riding. For maximum safety, your helmet must fit properly. A helmet that fits poorly, can make injuries worse in certain conditions.


Wearing regular street clothes while cycling can cause irritations, ruining your cycling exprience. To ensure your riding pleasure, find a properly fitting bike short. Bike shorts are specifal shorts designed to fit the human body in the cycling position. All bike shorts have a "pad". The purpose of a bike pad is to wick moisture and to prevent chafing. A good bicycle short is the difference between pain and pleasure while riding, even a short distance.


Gloves made especially for cycling, are designed to protect your hands from the elements, improve your grip on the handlebar, and provide a cushion for your palms, preventing blisters and bruises, finger cramps, and injuries.


Beginning cyclists don't need a clipless pedal system, and special cycling shoes. However, as you begin to ride longer distances, more frequently, most cyclists will begin to appreciate the added efficiency that cycling specific shoes, and a clipless pedal system will provide. Cycling shoes are special shoes designed to attach to the bikes pedals via a clip-in system. Attaching shoes to the pedals improves the efficiency of the pedal stroke, by allowing the cyclist to pull on the upstroke, as efficiently as they push on the down stroke, resulting in a constant application of force through the entire 360 degree pedal rotation.


Evaporative losses can be significant when cycling. Because you are moving fast, the breeze can cause sweat production and fluid loss to go unnoticed. As such, you need to remember to replace fluids during your ride. Make it a habit to drink a few sips of fluid every 15 minutes.

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