Road Bike Shoes for Men- Adidas

Haven't been able to find Adidas Cycling Shoes? Here's why...

Adidas acquired Salomon Group, in 1997. Salomon Group was the parent company of Mavic. In August 2003 Adidas-Salomon merged its Mavic and Adidas Cycling companies into Mavic-Adidas Cycling. Mavic-Adidas Cycling was responsible for the design, marketing, sales and distribution of all Mavic and Adidas branded cycling product. In 2005, Salomon Group was sold to a Finnish holding company. Mavic continued to design and produce Adidas brand cycling products under a licensing agreement through 2008. In 2008 when the agreement was up, Mavic declined to renew the agreement and launched a complete range of cycling shoes and apparel under the Mavic brand name. Consumer sales of cycling products under the Adidas brand name were discontinued in 2008.

Up-date 2010 Mavic Cycling Footwear:

Mavic currently produces a full range of cycling footwear. Click here to see their complete line of road cycling shoes.

Up-date Adidas Cycling Footwear:


Adidas, will be the Official sponsor of Sky Pro Cycling, supplying apparel and accessories to the team.  Adidas has developed a range of both on and off-bike products that will be available to consumers in early summer 2010


Adidas buys Five Ten. Five Ten is a US based company that is famous for its proprietary "sticky soled" shoes, first used in rock climbing.  FIve Ten makes shoes for BMX, freeride and fixed-gear riders.

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