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Downhill Cycling Shoes for Women

Downhill racing is a true test of nerve, and one's ability to control their bike under extreme conditions. The concept is to get down the mountain as fast as possible. Downhill courses usually contain a succession of big jumps and drops over rocks, trees and other obstacles. The ride is all about controlling your bike at high speeds- breaking... cornering... riding to the edge of one's ability.

Downhill apparel is all about protection... "body armor".

Bikes used to race downhill have large platform pedals. The clipless versions of downhill platform pedals are similar to a mountain bike clipless pedal, except the platform shaped exterior has a much larger pedal area and is designed to allow your feet come on and off the pedals easier while planting turns.

Mountain Bike Pedal

Clipless Downhill Pedal

Flat Downhill Pedal






Downhill Shoes

Downhill Shoes are mountain bike shoes with some special features:
  • Greater Ankle Support
  • Reinforced Toe Caps.
  • Soles that are designed to grip large flat pedals.
  • Insoles that are designed to absorb impact.
  • Closure that are designed to keep laces from coming untied or getting tangled in the pedals
2013 Models:
Five Ten Karver

2013 Ash Grey

FiveTen Women's Ash Gray Karver Downhill Shoe

4 - 10
1.5 - 7.5

Last: Woman-specific last
Upper: Action Leather
Outsole: Stealth S1®
Closure: Raptor Tongue/Barrel Lacing/Lace
Color: Ash Gray
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