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2013 Models:

Custom Track MSRP $


M- 10 Custom Track
RBC Sports Women's Custom M-10 Track Cycling Shoe


Last: Custom Made from Plaster Cast
Upper: Microfiber leather for its durability and predictability of stretch and wear. Surgical padding with a 99% lifetime memory around the ankle line for comfort. Woven Kevlar sandwiched as the middle layer
Insole: Orthopaedic Contour Control: A full Carbon arch and heel pocket allows the shoe to stabilize and cradle your feet. This gives you a major increase in comfort and power by preventing you from pronating or supernating your feet as you load up the pedal every revolution.
Outsole: Monocoque Carbon Sole: RBC’s sole construction is assembled layer by layer like no other, utilizing a Nano modified epoxy preimpregnated into high modulus Carbon Fibre for ultimate rigidity and repeatability. The carbon layers on the sole are vacuum formed under heat around the cast made of your foot, Using only a small amount of padding in the arch this carbon cradle for your foot gives you unparalleled comfort. When delivering power, not having to compress padding in the forefoot gives you an instant advantage over any shoes using a post production innersole.
Closure: Side Force Lacing: The lacing for this shoe has been relocated to the side of the foot. This move was due to simple mechanical forces that would make the athlete loose power by having laces up the centre of the foot. Combining the Side Force Lacing and the non stretch Kevlar sandwiched between the layers, means that when you pull up on the pedal it is instant power delivery. No having to preload and stretch the upper by curling your toes or tensing your foot. Simply said using RBC Shoes your feet will not move up or down due to the shoe stretching. This gives you a double gain not only gaining power by removing the stretch in the upper but also keeping your foot in constant contact with the sole of the shoe no matter how hard you pull up on the pedal.

A simple equation for you to try when your foot leaves the sole of the shoe even by 1 mm:

Example: At 100rpm your foot may leave the shoe sole by 0.5mm 2 times per revolution near the top and base of the stroke. Multiply this by 2 to include your other foot. Then include the time you ride for, in this exercise we will say 5 minutes

100rpm x (0.5mm x 2x2 feet) x 5 minutes=1000mm of extra distance travelled in your shoe in only 5 minutes

Weight: 220grams (Size 8)
Color: Custom
Compatibility: Cleat mounting options and custom adjustments per request.

Aero Dynamics: The M10 Shoe is designed for least wind resistance.

  • Low profile rounded frontal area is dependent on the thickness of your toes.
  • The one piece upper with lace cover has all joins and stitching blended into the shoe so to give clean air flow over and around the foot
  • The walk pads are also profiled and blended into the shoe so to not interrupt airflow.
  • Thin firm gripping ankle line allows minimal disruption of airflow
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