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"Beanies", "Skull Caps", and "Helmet Liners" all refer to head covers that are designed to fit comfortably snug, and be worn underneath your helmet. Fabrics used for helmet liners, beanies and skull caps are made of wicking fabrics designed to expell excess heat in warm weather, and trap body heat in cold weather. For extreme cold weather riding, wind blocking fabrics can be added to the front portion of the hat to block wind. For hot weather, head covers are made from fabrics that are designed to protect your head from the sun by using technical fabrics that wick sweat and provide UV protection.


Keeping Your Ears Warm

Earbags® is a registered trademark of Envios USA AB Corporation Sweden. Earbags® are a bandless fleece ear muff that slips on over your ear. They fit comfortably under your helmet straps and are great for days when you need a little ear coverage, without a full fleece hat.


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