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Cycling provides a great opportunity for individuals with disabilities to be active, stay fit and participate in competitions. The following are some examples of how the sport of cycling can improve the quality of life for individuals who suffer from visual impairments, cerebral palsy, amputations or other physical disabilities:

Cycling Opportunities for the Blind or Visually Impaired

Bicycle/Wheelchair CombinationTandem cycling provides individuals who are blind, or visually impaired with the opportunity to enjoy the sport of cycling by riding with a sighted captain. This can be accomplished by riding a traditional tandem, or adaptive bikes.

Image of Wheelchair/bicycle from Speedy.

Image below is of Matt King, an International Paralympic World Cycling Champion who is blind.

Matt King Blind Cyclist

For Cyclists With Lower-Mobility Impairments

Alejandro Albor

Image of Double Amputee and World Champion Hand Cyclist Alejandro Albor

Handcycling provides an opportunity for individuals with lower mobility impairments to participate in cycling. Handcycles are specifically designed to allow individuals with disabilities to participate in road cycling, off-road cycling, and touring. Click here to learn more about handcycling.

For Individuals Who Have Balance Issues


Image from Freedom Concepts

Three wheeled trikes provide freedom and mobility to the elderly and people with balance issues.

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