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Hydration Packs

A hydration pack is back pack or waist pack with a built-in reservoir or "bladder" that allows a cyclist to drink hands-free... great for staying hydrated while cycling.

How to select the right hydration pack for your cycling needs

Hydration packs are designed to carry water and provide storage.  As such, the biggest factor in selecting a hydration pack is the type of cycling you will be doing, and the duration of your ride. Most cyclists require 28 ounces of fluid per hour.

In general- longer rides will require a larger reservoir of water. The amount of room in the pack needed for additional storage will depend on the type of cycling that is being done. If you are touring or riding in the back country off road where access to water and supplies is limited, you will need greater storage and a larger reservoir of water then is needed for urban cycling. Remember: water is heavy (a liter of water weighs approximately 2 pounds) ... the goal is to find the lightest and smallest pack that meets your water and storage requirements in order to limit the weight and bulk.

Choosing the size of the reservoir

1L or 1.5L (34 or 50 fluid ounces): short-distance bike rides and/or riding where refilling reservoirs is convenient.

2L (68 fl. oz.): most popular size because it offers a nice balance of reasonable weight and bulk while providing a sufficient quantity of water,

3L (102 fl. oz.): You are talking almost six pounds of water without even including the weight of your gear. A reservoir this size is only needed for long trips or cycling in areas where refilling the reservoir is not an option.

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