Triathlon Apparel


Multisport racing is a combination of races held back to back.Traditional multisport events included "Triathlon" (swim - bike - run), and "Duathlon" (run - bike - run). In recent years new multisport events have been developed. Recognized races now include:

Run - Bike - Swim
Off-road Triathlon 
Swim - Mountain Bike - Trail Run
Winter Triathlon
Cross-Country Ski - Bike - Run
Run - Bike - Run
Off-road Duathlon aka "Dirty Du"  Trail Run - Mountain Bike - Trail Run
Winter Duathlon
Cross-Country Ski - Freestyle Ski
Swim - Run
Winter QuadrathonCross-Country Ski - Bike - Run - Snowshoe

The newest form of multisport racing is referred to as "Adventure Racing". Adventure racing is extreme racing that goes beyond the traditional swim - bike - run, and can include a multitude of challenges in the wild from rafting rivers to rock climbing.
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"Multisport" apparel, refers to clothing that is designed to reduce transition time between the various legs of a race, by allowing an athlete to perform a combination of sports, such as running, biking and swimming, without having to change into clothing designed specifically for each individual sport. The garments that an individual athlete chooses to wear for a particular race, is usually based on the type of race, length of the race, and weather conditions.
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